Irish Medical Careers Fair 2016 :: Exhibitor Testimonials
18 - 19 October 2016
Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4

Exhibitor Testimonials


Perth GP, IMCF 2015

“We’ve really been impressed with the quality of the GPs we’ve been speaking to.”



Department of Health Western Australia, IMCF 2015

“We’ve enjoyed our experience so far and talked to some fantastic doctors.”



NHS Grampian, IMCF 2015

“It’s been a good opportunity - we’ve learned a lot about the workforce in Ireland and the international workforce that exists in Ireland. We’ve talked to a huge range of people.”



Tallaght Hospital, IMCF 2015

“We came to the careers fair to attract junior hospital doctors. The speakers have been very good and very interesting and the doctors are telling us that it has attracted them, to come and listen to the speakers as well. It has been very worthwhile - we will certainly come back to the event.”



K.S Coaching, IMCF 2015

“It’s nice being here for the very first Careers Fair and I really applaud the organisers.”



PE Global, IMCF 2015

“What we were surprised at is it became a networking opportunity, not only with the doctors, but also for new clients. We’ve been able to chat to the doctors, we’ve been able to spend 15 – 20 minutes with them and we now have a better understanding of what they would like. We definitely will be in attendance again.”



Global Medics, IMCF 2015

“It’s nice to put faces to names - all of a sudden we’re shaking hands and we’re good friends. The set up was easy and the place itself looks great. 




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